We are passionate visual thinkers, one with many years of experience with a library-like knowledge from the field and the other with more of a beginner’s and practical mindset. We believe this a great match to teach from. We have worked with businesses, organisations, NGOs, start-ups, students and teachers. From various sessions, we have hosted, we have experienced how people light up when they realise they can in fact draw and visually communicate their ideas. This is why we love our job!


Freelance Graphic Facilitator

I am Abdul Dube, co-founder of Visual Confidence, where two visual worlds come together to share our love and energy around drawing for insight. I have based my operations in Denmark - Aarhus, making this the centre of my visual world. I have for the past 10 years been actively learning and teaching the communicative practice called visual recording and facilitation, its due time I share it even further. Our practical course is designed for you to "Reclaim" the confidence to powerfully use a drawing practice to capture conversations and share your thinking in your life & work. The idea of big picture thinking really helps groups and individuals come to innovative solutions.


Freelance Graphic Facilitator

I am a visual practitioner since 5 years, graduated Kaospilot from Switzerland and now self employed with graphic facilitation, project and process leadership/consulting. I am passionate about creating meaning for myself and others with pen & paper in my hands. I am a traveller, who has work/study/living experiences in more than 45 countries and a wide variety of projects, fields, organisations and companies. Now I have a designated suitcase full of pens with me on my travels and I am absolutely loving that!


A series of workshops by Mona and Abdul. We are teaching theory and practise of visual thinking for companies, educational institutions, organisations and projects, who want to train their ability to make meaning with pen and paper in their hands. The biggest block for most of us is the “I CAN’T DRAW”. Many people last drew when they were 5 to maybe 8 years old, since then we have grown into these rational beings that has systematically lost our love for and playful intelligence with drawing. 

Our dream is to share what we have learned about visual thinking, the benefits of externalising thinking and the allowance of seeing things systematically.The best App for bringing insight into your and your teams work is PEN and PAPER, we want to encourage the revival of visualising in the ever changing digital world. We host a safe space for you to expand and rekindle your world of visualisation